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The Pain relief medica patch has a size of 3.74inch/10cm [Width] X 5.43inch/13cm [Height].
It is suitable for use on various body areas like: Neck, Back, Knees, Shoulders, Hands, and more. Once attached to the pain area, it stays attached for up to 12 hours without any side effects.

Patented technology - 100% Organic

Our bodies rely on the electrical and chemical signals flowing through the nervous system for various functions, including processing pain signals. When you experience an injury or any form of pain, the body generates extra energy at the pain site, similar to how a radio emits static. Placed between the source of your pain and the brain, the Pain relief medica patch intervenes in the pain cycle, providing drug-free relief and helping you reclaim the life you enjoy!

40% - 60% Discount for every purchase

12 Patches

$ 75
  • 40% Effective discount
  • Up to 4 weeks of pain free
  • Free Shipping

24 Patches

$ 130
  • 50% Effective discount
  • Up to 2 months of pain free
  • Free Shipping

48 Patches

$ 200
  • 60% Effective discount
  • Up to 4 months of pain free
  • Free Shipping
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We created our patches via uniquely organized sheet of capacitors, which are  components used by radios and computers to manage and transmit data. they help the axons of your nervous system by absorbing electrical noise which allows the clear transmission of the natural electrical signals of your body. When you gain the natural electric signal on the effected area, the pain immediately reduced. 

We offer various type of patches, specifically designed for Back, Knee and Neck pain areas. Most of the patches can be used for more areas like shoulders, Ankle and hands.

Pain Relief Medica is far more than just a business for us. Our goal is to help everyone get relief. Our patches changed thousands of lives already. If you feel our patches isn’t working for you within 120 days,​ we’ll gladly take it back.  

We are working on that. Currently we only provide shipping to US.

  • Our Patches is clinically tested for effectiveness in reducing pains.
  • It works on multiple areas as muscle, nerve, & joint pain.
  • 100% organic + 100% drug free materials, 
  • Reduces the impact of pain in seconds.
  • We are sure our revolution patches can help reducing your pain, we are providing 1 year warranty + 120 days money back guarantee. 
  1. Clean the pained area.
  2. Take of the Patch and tear of the back liner.
  3. Apply the patch flatly on the pained area.
  4. The recommended application is 12 hours.

Customers Reviews

I have purchased this patch 6 months ago, it work beautifully to neutralize my knee pain from osteoarthritis. it stays in place longer and moves with me. I would recommend relief patch medica to anyone, and I frequently do!
Tina sendler
I have had chronic back pain for 8 years. i hade to take prescription pain medication 27/4. Relief pain medica is a miracle! Once I put the patch in the right location, the pain is gone in 5 minutes. ( unlike 1 hour for pain med). I wear the patch all the time. i purchased the biggest pack with a big discount, now i have pain-free experience for a couple of months.
Veronica G
I was truly in a lot of pain in my lower back. The Relief patch medica really helped me. Not only does it take the pain away instantly, it seemed to take it away permanently in a few days. For me it is a LIFE saver and with the 120 days risk-free policy i was confident enough to purchase it right away. my only regret is not found out about them sooner.
Connie smith
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